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The Year Of Gear

Vintage analogue pedals

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About ‘The Year Of Gear’

In 2017, Joe is releasing a free new album. However, there’s a catch: it’s being made available one track at a time, on the 1st of every month. By December, you’ll have a shiny new 12-track LP. Think of it as a really rubbish treasure hunt…!

Usually when making an album, songs are written and the arrangements/instrumentation are worked out by demoing the tracks. Then, during the final recording stage, appropriate guitar sounds are found for each part.

The Year Of Gear sees this process turned on its head somewhat. As Joe is a collector of vintage effects pedals, he’s letting the effects inform these compositions just as much as they usually flavour the final recordings. You’ll get tracks built up around nice warm phasers; crunchy Bucket Brigade delays; raspy fuzzes; and much much more!

And taking that old-school approach one step further, there’s also no audio edits whatsoever in any of these recordings; every instrument is performed as a complete take from start to finish; imperfections and all. Each track comes with an accompanying YouTube video showing Joe recording all of the instruments in real time. (Oh, there are plenty of mistakes!)

Tracks so far…