Joe Perkins

Joe Perkins

I Live On The Outside – out now!

Joe’s new album was released for free on 1 December.  Download it here.

This music started life as a year-long endeavor previously dubbed The Year Of Gear.  In January, Joe began writing songs based around his love of vintage effects pedals and released the footage of them being recorded in real time on YouTube on the 1st of every month.

But as is so often the case with these sorts of things, the project quickly began to evolve into a body of work deserving of a far more concrete title and official release.

All of the tracks have been remixed and remastered from their original YouTube versions and consist entirely of complete ‘takes’ of real guitar playing (no audio edits going on around here, thank you!)

Joe says: “As 2017 progressed, I realised I was approaching the ‘Year Of Gear’ songs with as much consideration to their running order and flow for the YouTube playlist as I was to writing standalone tracks – essentially, I was recording an album but hadn’t quite realised!  There are certainly themes and ideas pinning everything together that I’m only really aware of now it’s done.  In terms of my songwriting, I think this is my most accessible and honest record to date too – I think I’ve been focusing less on storytelling and much more on things that might be personal to me this particular year.

Download I Live On The Outside now – or read the full story about the album here.

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