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2017: The Year Of Gear

This year, Joe is releasing a free new album. However, there’s a catch: it’s being made available one track at a time, on the 1st of every month. By December, you’ll have a shiny new 12-track LP. Think of it as a really rubbish treasure hunt…!

Usually when making an album, songs are written and the arrangements/instrumentation are worked out by demoing the tracks. Then, during the final recording stage, appropriate guitar sounds are found for each part.

The Year Of Gear sees this process turned on its head somewhat. As Joe is a collector of vintage effects pedals, he’s letting the effects inform these compositions just as much as they usually flavour the final recordings. You’ll get tracks built up around nice warm phasers; crunchy Bucket Brigade delays; raspy fuzzes; and much much more!

And taking that old-school approach one step further, there’s also no audio edits whatsoever in any of these recordings; every instrument is performed as a complete take from start to finish; imperfections and all. Each track comes with an accompanying YouTube video showing Joe recording all of the instruments in real time. (Oh, there are plenty of mistakes!)

All songs will be available in the webshop as soon as they are released. August’s instalment is I Live On The Outside – and you can see the making-of video here.

Also be sure to follow all of Joe’s real-time activity on Facebook.

Double Denim – September 2016

He was once described by a leading music blogger as an ‘enigmatic genius’.  But then again, most people just call him an idiot.  So six of one then…

Joe Perkins has never had much interest in making things easy for himself.  Born & bred in Bristol, it was realised at an early age that making music was about the only thing he was any good at.  But instead of learning a few pop songs and joining a band, he set about stubbornly making sure that everything happened on his terms.

Three years on from A Host Of Other Artists – the free album featuring an array of guest vocalists – 2016’s Double Denim is a different beast entirely.  Looking like a ’70s throwback, armed with his electric guitar and a home studio cobbled together in a dining room (that’s not a joke…) this entirely instrumental release sees Perkins collaborate with a stellar group of musicians and make exactly the record he wanted to make.

But with a love of taking inspiration from every genre going and those big old-school rock productions, this was never exactly going to be your typical guitar album.

Released as both MP3 and WAV downloads – depending on your demands for audio quality – Double Denim has something for everybody.  Infused with a sense of humour born in Bristol and a love of doing things the old fashioned way (he’s only 26 – but also likes knitwear and slippers, so I suppose anything goes…) the album has as much in common with the melodic realms of Mike Oldfield and the tongue-in-cheek extravagance of The Darkness as it does with the so-called ‘guitar greats’.

There’s rock; there’s bluegrass; there’s ballads; a snare drum with far too much reverb on it; his dog’s squeaky toy; potentially the world’s loudest cajón; an army of pots & pans; and an outrageous amount of guitars.

And who else is mad enough to offer you all of that in 2016?

Double Denim is out now! Get your copy in the webshop.