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Released: 2 September 2016
You can view photos from the album recording sessions in the photo album on Joe’s Facebook.


1: Lights Out!
2: Let The Rain Fall (The Spirit Of Glastonbury)
3: Perky’s Asylum
4: Rianna
5: The Train To Bratislava
6: Too Much Tequila
7: Table For Two
8 Double Denim
9: Stormy Night On The Shamrock Shore
10: Candlelight [Bonus Track]
11: Better Back Then [Bonus Track]

The Performers

Joe Perkins: Electric, acoustic, 12-string and classical guitars; mandolin, acoustic piano, keyboards & synthesisers, banjo guitar, tin whistle, tenor recorder, xylophone, bodhrán, auto-harp, alto saxophone, pots & pans, jaw harp, additional tambourine and cowbell.
John O’Reilly Jr: Acoustic drums, tambourine, lap-slaps, shakers, spoons, loop programming and general awesomeness.
Josh “Papa Bear” Clark: Bass guitar. (Very good bass guitar!)
Frankie McKernan: Additional acoustic guitar & mandolin, ukulele, electric rhythm guitar and all-round good Irish vibes on Stormy Night
Jessica Crabtree: Fiddle on Perky’s Asylum.
Emily Burridge: Cello on Table For Two.
Vicky Flint: Trumpets on Let The Rain Fall.
Ryan Muldoon: Cajón on Stormy Night
Sir Jonathan Weldon Esq: Words of wisdom on Perky’s Asylum.

Album Credits

All tracks written, engineered, produced & mixed by Joe Perkins
Mastered by Reuben Ghose at Mojito Mastering, Toronto
Recorded in a dining room
Drums engineered by John O’Reilly Jr. at Boom Crash Drum Tracks, Pennsylvania
Bass guitar co-engineered by Papa Bear
Trumpets engineered & arranged by Vicky Flint
Cello engineered & arranged by Emily Burridge
Frankie’s acoustic guitar, mandolin, ukulele, electric guitar and Ryan’s cajón recorded at Tyrone School Of Music, Dungannon, Ireland.
Gunshots recorded at Portishead Shooting Club
Cover photograph shot by Hannah Griffiths in Portishead, North Somerset

Perky’s Special Thanks

John O & Papa Bear for being the best rhythm section I could have ever hoped to have behind me, and all of the other BRILLIANT musicians I’ve worked with on this record (you all RULE!); Reuben G for his superb and vibey mastering trickery; my family for putting up with my noise & filth; my awesome friends for sticking by me despite my rants, mood swings & misery; the magnificent nurses and cardiologists in the Bristol Heart Institute for looking after me when I conked out last year; Platform One College of Music; Mike Devine for fixing all the stuff I break; Bare Knuckle Pickups for winding me some truly awesome magnets; Hughes & Kettner for building all the amplifier I could ever need; Steven Slate & Fabrice Gabriel for coding the best plugins I’ve ever used; The Harbour Bar, Bray; Dan & Mick at That Pedal Show for teaching me so much; Shaun & Debs at Wight Rock; and Flat Eric for overseeing all I ever do in the studio.

Oh, and Tom Waits – just for being you.

Important Links

  • Boom Crash Drum Tracks – John O’Reilly Jr. recorded drums for the album remotely from his studio in Pennsylvania, USA.  He’s a fabulous player, a top engineer and a true pleasure to work with.
  • Mojito Mastering – Reuben Ghose runs Mojito Mastering in Toronto.  He masters primarily with his outboard Chandler EQ & Limiter units – and he really knows how to use them!
  • Jessica Diamond – I’ve known Jess Crabtree (aka. Diamond!) since I was about 5.  She’s a tremendous violinist, saxophonist, singer…an all-round super-talented lady!!
  • Vicky Flint – A great session trumpet player who has played with everybody who matters.
  • Emily Burridge – Wonderful cellist, arranger & engineer who also plays in some really interesting collaborative projects.
  • Tyrone School Of Music – My buddy Frankie runs this awesome music college just out of Belfast where he also records local bands.
  • That Pedal Show – Weekly videos on YouTube featuring (the genius!) Dan Steinhardt and Mick Taylor.  If you’re a serious guitarist, watch every single video – they’re completely invaluable.
  • Slate Digital – the best analogue gear-modelling plugins out there, bar none!
  • Great companies making awesome, inspiring gear: Hughes & Kettner, Bare Knuckle Pickups, Wampler Pedals, Jam Pedals, Loop-Master, sE Electronics and Schoeps.