Perky’s Analog Gear Demos

Joe is an avid collector of guitar effects pedals and runs an area of his YouTube channel dedicated to sharing these with the world – Perky’s Analog Gear Demos.

Here, you’ll find demos, comparisons, interesting pairings…everything that the discerning gear-head looking to explore the world of analog effects could possibly desire – with examples of pedals ranging from the 1960s through to current times.

When I’m looking at pedals online, the first thing I generally do is jump onto YouTube to hear what they sound like,” he explains.  “YouTube is an incredible resource that’s been absolutely invaluable to me in my journey to explore the world of gear and find my own sound with equipment that resonates with me as a player and producer.

However, not all demos are created equal and it really bugs me when the sound quality is rubbish.  Somebody might shoot the demo on their phone and say, ‘Can you hear the low end on this pedal??’  Of course, the answer is no…you can’t hear anything below 1kHz and it’s phasing as they move the camera around anyway!  With my demos, the video production might not be as slick as some channels, but what you do get is proper, studio quality sound so you can properly hear what the pedals are about.  If these videos help just one person find that one pedal to help them make better music, then I’m happy!

See some examples of Perky’s Analog Gear Demos below. And – don’t forget to subscribe to the channel on YouTube!