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About ‘Mister Transistor’

New track Mister Transistor was released on Friday 19 April 2019 accompanied by a YouTube Premiere of the official video.

When a subscriber to Joe’s YouTube page asked him if he could show how he records his “vintage” guitar tones, they probably didn’t expect it to result in a 14-part video series and a new track release.  But then again…neither did Joe!

After thinking long and hard about how it could be best presented and explained, Joe settled on the idea of writing a song from scratch; recording, mixing and mastering it; releasing a so-called ‘official’ video; and documenting every piece of the puzzle as he went along in informational videos.  The series became known as Ditch The Fix! – primarily to show the recording process, but also to prove that modern releases don’t need to be doctored to within an inch of their lives to be valid; the old-school approach of hitting the red button and capturing the resulting performance – in all its imperfect glory – is STILL the best way of making interesting-sounding music in 2019.

Fourteen videos followed – discussing everything from choosing the gear most appropriate to the song, working with session players, mixing and mastering the audio, and even his approach to songwriting.  The final track has now been released into the world, accompanied by the official video – showing Joe and his band recording the actual audio that comprises the song.

Working with acclaimed session players Emily Dolan Davies and Josh Clark, the whole project was cooked up entirely in house.  There’s not a single audio edit anywhere in the recording – it’s simply performed, from start to finish, by human beings and their instruments.  And as always with Joe’s releases, Mister Transistor is available as both MP3 and WAV depending on your demands for audio quality.

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Track Credits

Music written, engineered, produced, mixed & mastered by Joe Perkins
Guitars: Joe Perkins
Bass: Josh Clark
Drums: Emily Dolan Davies