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Mix Engineering

In addition to creating his own music, Joe takes on mixing work for other artists.

Working with Joe couldn’t be easier – simply drop him an email with details of what sort of mix you’re after.  Rates are negotiable depending on difficulty & time scale and special deals can be made for unsigned artists.  Once everything has been agreed, Joe will mix your music and an MP3 of the result will be emailed to you.  Changes can then be made (revisions are free) and only once you’re completely happy with the result, payment will be arranged and the final WAV files sent to you.  Simple!

Joe mixes with Pro Tools and being given complete session files for mixing is preferred, but tracks can also be mixed from WAV stems for people working with other DAWs.  If submitting stems, please bounce them all at the original WAV recording quality with any EQ/compression/effects removed, and all beginning at exactly the same point in your session with plenty of lead in before the audio begins.

  • 32-Bit mixing with AAX plugins (Slate Digital/Sonnox/Waves/etc)
  • Many different genres covered
  • Quick turnaround
  • Free revisions

Please email for more information.
Hear Joe’s most recent release for an example of his mixing.

Session Recording

Joe is also an active session musician and enjoys writing & recording guitar arrangements for other people’s songs.

The approach is much the same as mixing work: send Joe your song/ stems/session file; he’ll find out exactly what you’re after and give you a quote; the guitar parts will be recorded in Joe’s home studio; and only once you’re totally happy with everything will payment be arranged and the high-quality WAV stems sent over to you.

At the point of adding guitars to your songs, the drum recordings (at least) should be final to ensure that everything remains in time and locked together.  Whilst recording to a click track is doable, it’s sounds much more natural to record to live drums if they’re ultimately going to be the backbone of the song.

  • Many different genres covered
  • Selection of high-end guitars by Gibson, Fender, Gretsch, etc.  Many pickup options – single-coil, P90, Humbuckers.  Vintage & modern pickup voicings.
  • Various amplifier options – from Class A all-tube to vintage solid state & modern high-gain.
  • Large analogue pedal collection.  Boutique overdrives by Wampler, Vemuram, Effectrode, JAM Pedals, Rockbox, Boss Waza Craft, Fredric Effects, Magnetic Effects, Keeley, etc.  Vintage phasers/choruses/flangers.  Bucket Brigade analogue delays. Spring reverb & tremolo. Class A Effectrode PC-2A tube compressor.
  • Various mic options – dynamics, condensers & ribbons.
  • Modern mic preamps by Focusrite & ART; vintage 1950s all-tube mic pre.  Aphex Harmonic Exciter.  M-Audio Profire 2626 conversion.
  • Recording quality up to 24-Bit/192kHz

Please email for more information.